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Biogan – Organic love

We welcome you to a world of organic food. Biogan is a whole sale business with a wide and versatile range of organic foods from around the world.

Enthusiasm is often the motivation, when people see the opportunity of something new and exciting. This was the case for CEO and business owner Anders Kok, when he in 1995 got the idea for Biogan.   At the time Anders Kok worked with import and export of chocolate and candy and in doing so he met a producer of organic chocolate.

The taste of chocolate, produced without any form of chemistry, artificial colors and additives, was not only good. It became a landmark for Anders Kok, who up to this point only had traded conventional confectionery. He suddenly got insight of a world, where the products got produced in a completely different way.

Anders Kok was excited about the organic products, and he could see the business opportunities. He wanted to create an organic trading house. Trade of chocolate and jelly full of E numbers was substituted with organic food, which he was going to import and sell. In August 1996 Anders Kok founded Biogan with his wife, Connie.

In the beginning, it was a one-man-business, where Anders Kok had his office at home and a stock in Skødstrup. It did not take long before Connie got to be a part of the company. Through the years and still today, it is her that the customers get on the phone, when they call Biogan.

The first products that Biogan sold were milk, potatoes and carrots. Soon the company started to import pasta, rice and tomato products. Back then the selection of organic food generally was either great or versatile, but Anders Kok was often a guest at fairs both in Denmark and abroad, where he was looking for organic basic food products and new and exciting flavors with organic labels.




Right from the beginning Biogan has expanded the assortment in cooperation with its customers. One of the cornerstones in Biogan is not just to listen, but to go seeking the product, the customers has a demand for. The close cooperation has resulted in an assortment that today contains 800 units for the organic cuisine. It's also this close cooperation, that has lead to Biogan being one of the leading importers, wholesalers and suppliers of organic food in Denmark. 

The range includes about 90 percent groceries from corn - and millet flour to plum ketchup and buckthorn wine. The last 10 percent of the range is frozen berries and vegetables, wood products such as brushes and kitchen utensils and paper products for the eco-friendly office.

All these products are on storage on Møgelbakken 5 in Lystrup, where Biogan has been located since 2000. The company has two packing facilities, where a large part of the range, as for instance raisins, rice and rye, are being repacked from big bags to smaller portions. This keeps costs down, and Biogan can live up to its own Motto to sell organic products to grocery prices.

The customer group includes health food stores, chosen supermarkets, greengrocers, high end gift shops, catering wholesalers, specialty shops and food production as for instance bakeries.

Specialty shops are primarily organic shops, health food stores, farm shops and grocery stores, which wish to offer the customers an interesting alternative range of organic foods. Biogan offers a versatile range which helps to make the individual store to a more interesting shopping spot for customers.

Biogan provides a total range - please see details under each product group.

The growing number of customers and the positive growth has naturally influenced the number of employees. Today Biogan employs 10 people.